Registering to comment or participate in discussions

We are introducing some new functionality for members only on the website.  By registering you’ll be able to:

  • Comment on posts
  • Participate in specific forums – create topics, respond to comments

If you try to post a comment, or participate in a forum in the Members section, you’ll be asked to log in – but before you log in, you will need to register!

You’ll see the “Register” link when you try to comment on a post or forum.  Press that, and we’ll send you your login password and enable your login ID once we verify that you are an ACTApple member (give us a few days).

You must use your ACTApple registered name and email address, otherwise you will be immediately rejected.

May Meeting (13th May 2014)

Just a quick note for those who might need a bit of notice!  For the May meeting we’ll have some topics that will hopefully be interest to many of our members (or if you are thinking of becoming a member, feel free to drop in too!).

Upstairs room  
7:30 – Frank – “Macs for Absolute Beginners – covering all of the basic Finder elements available to make the mac easier to work with.
8:30 – Frank – “1Password for Absolute Beginners – Why you need it, how to set it up, how to use it to keep all your passwords under control”

Downstairs room
8:30 – Geoff Alves – iTunes for Absolute Beginners – what it it, how to set it up, run it, and use it for your music.

The hall will open from about 7pm so you have plenty of time if you need to set yourself up on a table if you would like to bring along your own equipment to set up and follow along during the sessions.

See the meetings page for details on how to get to our venue if you haven’t been to a meeting before.

Website updates


  • Shop
    Our shop is being updated.  The range of membership options and products that can be processed via the website is being gradually expanded.  Presently it is limited to:
    – New memberships – yes, you can now join via the website shop!
    – Current members – renewals will be available soon.Payment via Paypal/Credit Card isn’t supported yet but is on our plan to be added.
  • Website
    We are implementing further changes to provide an even better experience across devices, especially tablets and phones.  If you experience issues on your device, please email the webmaster.