2022 AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the ACT Apple Users Group Inc will be held on Monday 10th October 2022, from 7:30 to 7:55pm online.
Details have been emailed to all members, and we look forward to catching up with as many of you as possible.

August Update

August newsletter has been emailed – and is up on the Members Only section!


A reminder for our normal General Meetings this month (face-to-face):

• Wednesday 17th August for Canberra, 12.30pm, Raiders Club, Weston

• Saturday 20th August for Port Macquarie, 9.30am, Port Macquarie Library.

• Sunday 21st August for South Coast, 12.30pm, Moruya Golf Club


Look forward to seeing you at one of the above!

Whoops! It’s halfway through July already!

Hello and welcome to a quiet month (at least on Zoom)!

No Webinar sessions planned for this month, only our normal General Meetings, as below:

• Saturday 16th July for Port Macquarie

• Wednesday 20th July for Canberra


FYI!  … Our planned visit to our South Coast contingent has been POSTPONED! until Sunday August 14th 2022!

June Meeting Information!

June Newsletter coming soon, in the meantime we have these Zoom sessions:

• Monday – 6th June – 7.30pm … Q&A and Tips Webinar (Zoom Online)

• Wednesday – 8th June – 7.30pm – Absolute Beginners Webinar (Zoom Online)

• Friday – 24th June – 2.00pm – Pages Webinar (Zoom Online)


… and then our General Monthly Meetings:

• Wednesday 15th June for Canberra

• Saturday 18th June for Port Macquarie


NB – Trevor is still overseas at present, so his usual Numbers session on the second Thursday, will not be on this month (June).

March Meeting & Webinar Dates

Just before the March Newsletter comes out, we have these Webinars coming up:

• Monday – 7th March – 7.30pm … Q&A and Tips Meeting (Zoom Online)

• Wednesday – 9th March – 7.30pm – Absolute Beginners Webinar (Zoom Online)

• Thursday – 10th March – 2.00pm – Numbers Webinar (Zoom Online)

• Friday – 25th March – 2.00pm – Pages Webinar (Zoom Online)


… and then the following week will be our General Monthly meeting, on Wednesday 16th for Canberra, and Saturday 19th for Port Macquarie. Members at the South Coast also get a meeting this month, on Sunday 20th.


** Please follow the directives for both the community and the respective venues in regard to Covid-19 protocols, and please also wear a mask to our in-person meetings! **