June Meeting Information!

June Newsletter coming soon, in the meantime we have these Zoom sessions:

• Monday – 6th June – 7.30pm … Q&A and Tips Webinar (Zoom Online)

• Wednesday – 8th June – 7.30pm – Absolute Beginners Webinar (Zoom Online)

• Friday – 24th June – 2.00pm – Pages Webinar (Zoom Online)


… and then our General Monthly Meetings:

• Wednesday 15th June for Canberra

• Saturday 18th June for Port Macquarie


NB – Trevor is still overseas at present, so his usual Numbers session on the second Thursday, will not be on this month (June).

March Meeting & Webinar Dates

Just before the March Newsletter comes out, we have these Webinars coming up:

• Monday – 7th March – 7.30pm … Q&A and Tips Meeting (Zoom Online)

• Wednesday – 9th March – 7.30pm – Absolute Beginners Webinar (Zoom Online)

• Thursday – 10th March – 2.00pm – Numbers Webinar (Zoom Online)

• Friday – 25th March – 2.00pm – Pages Webinar (Zoom Online)


… and then the following week will be our General Monthly meeting, on Wednesday 16th for Canberra, and Saturday 19th for Port Macquarie. Members at the South Coast also get a meeting this month, on Sunday 20th.


** Please follow the directives for both the community and the respective venues in regard to Covid-19 protocols, and please also wear a mask to our in-person meetings! **

December Christmas Meeting (Canberra)

Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good … afternoon of mingling and nibbles!

ACTApple’s Canberra Christmas Meeting is being held as a face-to-face meeting at the Raiders Club in Weston, on Wednesday 15th December at 12.30pm!

For information on the Club and it’s Covid requirements, please visit their website at: https://www.raidersweston.com.au

This will be a social get-together rather than a topical meeting, as a way to bring to a close a couple of very challenging years, with some good company and chit-chat!

Finger-food and basic beverages will be provided, but of course the Club’s Bar is there for those wishing something stronger, perhaps. And we will have a computer linked up via Zoom, for others to just “dial-it-in”. 😉

The Committee is looking forward to seeing you there … or again at our first General Meeting of the new year in February 2022!

40th Anniversary Party!

ACT Apple User Group celebrates its 40th Anniversary this month – 1981-2021!

We are marking this special milestone (almost unique in Computer User Groups) by having an actual in-person get-together, in both Canberra and Port Macquarie!

It is on Saturday 22nd May at 12.00pm until around 3.00pm. Details have been sent to members, and are in the April and May (soon to be out), Newsletters!

We will have drinks & nibbles, displays, games, gifts … and hopefully some past and original members, along with a Zoom linkup between our two locations!


Hope very much to see you there, to … Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

Markzware Presentation

Are you someone who –

– No longer has InDesign, but has a ton of InDesign files or InDesign Template files? 

– Has PDFs but not the original documents the PDFs were created from, and would like do something other than just view the PDFs?

– Is interested in the new Affinity Suite of Affinity Publisher, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo?

Well…you’re in luck – Markzware products are designed to help you work with your InDesign, PDF and Quark files without needing Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat or QuarkXPress even loaded on your computer. But, if you do have these programs loaded you can reap extra benefits depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

We hope you will join the ACT Apple Users Group, with Special Guest Presenter Markzware’s Doug Rosen, for a meeting showcasing products designed to help you free up your existing content and beyond, depending on your workflow and needs.

This Zoom Session will be at our April General Monthly Meeting:

Wednesday 21st April at 12.30pm
NB – This information and demo will be open to any and all interested in attending (not just Members)
So RSVP NOW by clicking this link:
Or manually email your expression of interest to editor@actapple.org.au, to make sure you don’t miss out!
Doug Rosen has been involved in the prepress world since the mid-1980s, when strippers worked at print shops as highly skilled artisans. He started in the graphic arts field as a service engineer and trainer. Later he worked in the trenches for a busy printing company in prepress and training. He has been with Markzware for the past 19 years and is currently a project/product manager.