September Newsletter and AGM

hi all!
the September newsletter is now available for members. Some more excellent articles this month, thanks to all those who sent things in.

It’s AGM time! By now you will have received all the formal documents in the email, please come along and contribute thoughts or actions towards our progress for the next year.

Work has me away this week so I won’t be at the Cbr meeting. I will however be at Port Mac, so I’ll be able to chair the AGM there.

As you might guess from my desktop this month, data security is top-of-mind. Particularly the increasingly loose interpretations of who has a right to our personal data. If you use a computer then you owe it to yourself to have an awareness about the security of your own data and whether you need to do more.

With that in mind my afternoon sessions in Port Mac this month will go into security topics that cover Macs and iDevices. Your Apple ID, 2-factor authentication, and then VPN’s (virtual private networks – especially useful if you’re travelling). Hopefully you’ll find something useful in there. Don’t forget you can come and go to whatever session you like during the afternoon.

A minor alteration to our Cbr schedule has seen Mike Lyons step up to run a round table specifically about using your iDevices. This would be a very handy and informal way for you to get to know your iDevice. Thanks go to Mike for the jumping in from my late request.

Thats all for this month, I hope you all have an enjoyable meeting and we’ll see you soon.


Frank Pope

August Newsletter & Meetings

Hi all!
the August newsletter is now available to members. Some excellent articles this month, including a guest contribution from our friends at the Southern Highlands group up near Bowral.

We’re also looking forward to a busy night in Cbr this week, thanks to Geoff who’ll be hosting a round-table on his very informative “50 tips” topic, and Tristan who (having persevered with an email topic for us a few months ago) is allowed to have some fun at last with a session on Photos.

Port Mac gets to enjoy another new topic this month, with Linda doing a session on her favourite and most useful apps. These sort of “my favourite” sessions are always well received. No matter how many apps I think I’ve seen, someone always has a really useful one I’ve not seen before. Neil will also be talking about scams and how to avoid them – a topic that I think he’ll be revisiting a few times because the scammers just don’t want to go away.


Frank Pope

July Newsletter and Meetings

hi all!
members can access the July newsletter here, complete with a BUMPER “Bits and Pieces” from Peter Sealy.

What a busy month June turned into. We wanted everyone to join to show that  “members make the meeting” and you did just that and all the meetings were lively and interactive. A really good result.

We continue to grow in Port Mac, now over 50 members and with the local club running a huge Apple promotion – well who knows what will happen!

Canberra had a very successful ‘round table’ night, so much so that we’re doing it again PLUS our editor Santo has agreed to chair a ‘beginners table’ which – if the requests are any guidance – is going to be quite popular.

And the south coast had yet another of their energetic chat-fests with some new people and a load of Q&A. Always a great meeting there.


Frank Pope

June Newsletter and Meetings

Hi all!
the June newsletter is now available to members.

Both Canberra and Port Mac have some great topics and activities lined up for their meetings this month.

Canberra (Tuesday 13th June)
7:30pm Members Make the Meeting:
– Mac Email, with Tristan
– iTunes, with Frank
– Podcasts etc, with Trevor
8:30 ~Coffee/Tea Break~
8:40 Members Make the Meeting:
– iOS Email, with Tristan
– Photos, with Frank
– Top Ten Apps, with Trevor
9:45 ~Close~

Port Mac (Saturday 17th June)
9:15am Doors Open
9:30 Q&A Session
10:15 ~Morning Tea~
10:30 Member Presentations
11:45 ~Lunch~
Technology Room
9:30am iPad Basics
Afternoon Sessions
12:15 Traveling the world with your Apple
1:45 Sharing and enjoying your Photos
3:15 Dealing with a sad Mac


May Newsletter and Canberra Meeting

hi all!
the May newsletter is now available to rmembers. Happy reading!

For the Canberra meeting we’ll have our guest presenter, Roger’s new insights into the iWork thanks to O’Reilly, Dave’s heading back to the bookshelf to remind us of the best sci-fi, and Santo discovering one the the excellent ’Take Control’ e-books – May could become the project month!

Don’t forget also, ACTApple has a small library of ‘Take Control’ e-books available for free to members. You can find out more from Trevor at


Frank Pope