Meetings are conducted on the second Tuesday of the month at Hughes Church, commencing at 7:30pm (7pm for the December meeting) with a number of different sessions to cater for a wide range of interests. The main meeting a begins at 8:30pm.

Some sessions include demonstrations and discussions of something topical in the main hall, or we may break in to smaller groups where people can discuss issues with others, as well as any resident “experts” on the night.

We have computers set-up for individual help with members problems – or bring your own computer along to have one of our resident experts sort out some particularly frustrating problem.

Hughes Church is a spacious, well equipped venue with safe private parking, clean toilets, and ample seating. You don’t have to be a member to attend. Come along and see what the benefits of membership are at one of our meetings. Just let one of the committee (the guys with the name tags) know that you are a visitor and they will show you around and introduce you to ACTApple.

Good better best

At ACTApple presentation nights we generally get to have 2 types of people attending – good speakers AND good listeners! Incredible isn’t it? Recently in our “how to improve ACTApple and achieve world peace” forum we thought we could become GREAT speakers, so …

  • If you’re a speaker looking to give a great session please review our Speaker Guidelines
  • If you’re a listener please help us put a great session together by contacting us.