Membership Fees

Our fees offer great value for money.  You’ll get to participate in our monthly meetings, access expert help (in person, by email, website and over the phone), access to special interest groups, our 24×7 email help list – it just goes on and on!

Then of course there’s our newsletter.  Jam-packed with Mac hints, book reviews, news and info, crosswords.  Delivered to either your email or letter box every month except January.   We know we might be a little biased, but we think that our monthly publication is the best user group newsletter in the country!

Single membership – 1 year
With emailed PDF newsletter             $50
With paper newsletter mailed to you  $80

This option will give you a newsletter emailed to you each month. Newsletters are approximately 2MB in size.

All ACTApple memberships renew annually in December. Your initial membership will run from the date of joining through to December, at which time you can renew for the coming 12 months.

You can choose any month to join – the joining fee will be adjusted depending which month you join (this will be calculated for you when you place your order in the online shop using the table below).

The fee applied according to your joining month is shown below.  Once paid, your renewal will be due in December at the full yearly rate.

Joining Month Subscription Fee (Digital Newsletter) Subscription Fee (Printed Newsletter)
January $46 $73
February $42 $66
March $38 $59
April $34 $53
May $30 $46
June $26 $39
July $22 $32
August $18 $25
September $14 $18
October $10 $11
November Free Free
December $50 $80