About Us

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Hello, and welcome to ACTApple, heart of the Apple community in the Australian Capital Territory.

The ACT Apple Users Group is a not-for-profit organisation for Apple technology owners and users. We have members from Canberra, the A.C.T. and the surrounding areas. Although our membership is not restricted to local residents either – we have members in rural and coastal NSW and QLD.

ACTApple can provide experience and assistance to you on a number of levels, depending on your circumstances. It all starts with information you need to help you go forward from where you are at the moment.

Benefits of being part of ACT Apple Users Group include:

  • Frequent ZOOM meetings with Apple topics and Q&A sessions
  • One-on-One Problem Solving – setting up your new computer, configuring software, learning the quirks of different software
  • Advice over the phone in the evenings from our more experienced members, from the general basics to more specific issues
  • A monthly newsletter filled with information about ACTApple’s activities and contacts, software releases and current updates, technical tips and hints, links to useful and helpful information and apps, and book reviews
  • A daily email Digest of tips and solving issues
  • Tap into members experiences
  • Broaden your social networks, develop new friends and improve your technical skills when joining our ZOOM meetings
  • An opportunity to make your voice heard by submitting articles, stories or reviews to the newsletter, or even – with the help and support of other members – running a session at one of the General Meetings on your favourite or most-used software, to share your knowledge and skills.

We also assist Apple users in other areas – for example, we help support the Port Macquarie User Group.

For the latest Club news and meeting updates, see the News page.

We hope to see you at our next club meeting.

Graham Walker

ACTApple President 2021