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You’ve probably seen the list of events on the right side of the website, but it typically just shows the next few.

You can access the calendar of ALL upcoming events if you go to the menu and choose
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This will take you to the calendar page here, where you can also choose different layouts, and print a paper copy.

If you would like to add our events to your personal calendar, you can use the iCal feed

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November Newsletter and Meeting

The November newsletter is now available from the Members Only page here.

A few notes for all…
1. Everyone’s favourite program – email – is in for special attention this week. We’ll be setting up a workshop to help you make sure you’re set up ok, and that you’re getting the most from your email program.

2. Backups workshop
I’ll get details out soon, but we’ll be holding a backups workshop in Canberra on Saturday 28-Nov.

3. ACTApple T-shirts! are available on our website, and have been selling from there also. Yay! High quality t-shirt and ver comfortable fabric with stitched logo (not iron-on), excellent value for money. For our Port Mac members – you’ve got your own “Port Mac” logo.

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Website – Minor Updates/Outage

We’ve experienced some issues with the website over the last few weeks.  Our ISP made some configuration changes which should hopefully provide better and more consistent performance.

If any pages return an error (especially a 404 message), or you find pages take forever to load, please email

There have also been some little changes, including:

  • Improved viewing on small tablets and smartphones
  • New Google based calendar