June Newsletter and next Canberra daytime meeting

hi all!
your big boofy bumper bonanza June newsletter is now available to snuggle up with in front of the fire!

A few things to note
  • Canberra daytime meetings a winner!!! Woohoo!! Next one is Raiders Weston Club 12:30 Wed 27 June.
  • our e-book library – we’ve been waiting for revised editions and they’ve come in. Trev administers an excellent collection. Details in the newsletter, free to ACTApple members. Reminder again also of our discount codes for Take Control Books (page 18) and O’Reilly technical books (page 31).
  • An interesting chat from Martina about ‘smart homes’. Coupled with a story link about ‘Alexa and Siri’ in Pete’s TidBits. A lot of benefits to smart devices in the home but as always – caveat emptor. Cheap versions of such devices are known to secretly open your home network to external access (making the ‘botnet’ Martina refers to possible). ACTApple has instructions “Using GRC ShieldsUp! To Check Your Modem Security” on how to check the security of your home network, especially after you’ve bought and installed a ‘smart device’.
  • And as always a TON of useful bits of info at all levels from Pete to keep you going.
  • One of our main benefits is our opt-in General Help email list. You can send any Mac or i-device question (or even just general discussion) to this list and you will normally get a response from other members within the hour. Your question gets seen by everyone on the list and you will usually get answers from multiple people. Likewise you see everyone else’s questions, giving you a good way to learn from the experience of others. See the newsletter for details on the subscription link.


Frank Pope