AGM – September

Yes, it’s AGM time again next month!
The August newsletter has the notice and nomination form.  The usual agenda will apply including review of the accounts and setting up a new committee for the coming year.
Which, as usual, means finding people in the group willing to help to keep it running. We have had a hard time trying to keep on top of the administrative work and a number of things have simply stopped being done, or been done at an absolute minimum. Things like handling membership renewals at the monthly meetings, distribution of ‘new membership’ flyers, the variety and detail of presentation night topics, a dedicated help desk on presentation nights, and special projects such as discounted hardware purchasing.
If you think ACTApple needs to provide more value for money, or you think you can make a contribution to the running of the group (no matter how little!) then please seriously consider helping out and joining the committee.

Paypal/Credit Card Transactions

Paypal and credit card transactions are now available on the site, and can be used for new membership applications and later in the year, renewals.

Just a reminder too that this year all membership renewals will be due in December, as renewals are no longer based on your joining date (instead we adjust new membership charges according to the joining date to match the fixed December renewal date).

A renewal “product” will be available on the store from November for existing members so they can renew online using Paypal.  A reminder email will also be sent to members.

Files and Resources from Presentation Nights

We will start to upload presentations, files and resources from selected meeting nights for members to have access to after the presentation night has been run.  You can find them in the Members Only section, under Meeting Resources.

Two articles have been recently added:

  • The Finder for Absolute Beginners
  • Travelling with Apple Macbook and iOS Devices