May Meeting (13th May 2014)

Just a quick note for those who might need a bit of notice!  For the May meeting we’ll have some topics that will hopefully be interest to many of our members (or if you are thinking of becoming a member, feel free to drop in too!).

Upstairs room  
7:30 – Frank – “Macs for Absolute Beginners – covering all of the basic Finder elements available to make the mac easier to work with.
8:30 – Frank – “1Password for Absolute Beginners – Why you need it, how to set it up, how to use it to keep all your passwords under control”

Downstairs room
8:30 – Geoff Alves – iTunes for Absolute Beginners – what it it, how to set it up, run it, and use it for your music.

The hall will open from about 7pm so you have plenty of time if you need to set yourself up on a table if you would like to bring along your own equipment to set up and follow along during the sessions.

See the meetings page for details on how to get to our venue if you haven’t been to a meeting before.

Website updates


  • Shop
    Our shop is being updated.  The range of membership options and products that can be processed via the website is being gradually expanded.  Presently it is limited to:
    – New memberships – yes, you can now join via the website shop!
    – Current members – renewals will be available soon.Payment via Paypal/Credit Card isn’t supported yet but is on our plan to be added.
  • Website
    We are implementing further changes to provide an even better experience across devices, especially tablets and phones.  If you experience issues on your device, please email the webmaster.


Hello, and welcome to ACTApple, heart of the Apple community in the Australian Capital Territory.

The ACT Apple Users Group Inc is a not-for-profit organisation for Apple technology owners and users. We have over 200 members from Canberra, the A.C.T., and the surrounding areas. Although our membership is not restricted to local residents – we have members in rural and coastal NSW and QLD.

ACTApple can provide experience and assistance to you on a number of levels, depending on your circumstances. It all starts with information you need to help you go forward from where you are at the moment.

Benefits of being part of ACT Apple User Group include:

  • Monthly meetings with topics and Q and A sessions
  • One-on-One Problem Solving – setting up your new computer, configuring software, learning the quirks of different software
  • Advice over the phone in the evenings from our more experienced members, from the general basics to more specific issues
  • A monthly newsletter filled with information about ACTApple’s activities and contacts, software releases and current updates, technical tips and hints, links to useful and helpful information and apps, and book reviews.
  • A daily email Digest of tips and solving issues.
  • Use ACTApple assets including slide scanner, DVD burner, laminator, engraver
  • Tap into members experiences
  • Broaden your social networks and develop new friends while chatting over a cup of coffee with other like-minded users
  • An opportunity to make your voice heard by submitting articles, stories or reviews to the newsletter, or even – with the help and support of other members – running a session at one of the General Meetings on your favourite or most-used software, to share your knowledge and skills.

We hope to see you at our next club meeting.

Frank Pope

President 2014