Website Updates

We recently made some changes to the website to help make access to the latest information updates easier, and also simplified the menus and pages for members only content. If you have any feedback on the changes or have any issues, please let us know via this page. We are also testing a new membership … Read more

Latest Newsletter and Meetings Reminder

The latest newsletter (the first for 2021) has been circulated to members and is also on the website. Also a reminder to check our the monthly meeting details, as there have been some changes to the number and types of meeting each month, and changes to how you join online.

Changes to Meetings (Dates, Times, Subjects)

Please see the latest email from our President about changes to meetings times, meeting formats and importantly, how to join the meetings as the joining details have changed! The website calendar (under “About Us” – “Calendar of Events”) also has the new meetings times. The main changes are There is one main monthly meeting at … Read more

Members only email list update

We recently changed our email list system to one that we think is much more user friendly and with more user configurable settings. Details are under the menu “Members Only” – “Email List”