Member Services


ACTApple delivers a newsletter to members for 11 months of the year.  Our newsletter contains information about ACTApple’s activities, software releases and current updates for the Mac, technical tips and hints, free member ads, hardware, software and book reviews from other members and the internet.

Software CD-ROM

New members of ACTApple receive the club CD-ROM for free! This great collection of over 600Mb of the latest utilities, internet software, games, shareware and more will be yours when you join.  The CD gets updated at least once a year to keep up to date with the latest free and shareware software that’s available, and is also available to existing club members for the bargain price of $10.

Internet ‘members only’ area

This area contains over 10 years of ACTApple newsletters, book reviews, hints and tips, common questions and answers, and access to join the club email groups.

General help email group

All members are able to participate in our general help email group.  This virtual community enables members to simply put their question in an email and click ‘send’. All other recipients will get the question, and answers often come back within an hour.

Screen saver

ACTApple has a great screen saver of over 100 unique photos of Canberra and surrounds, available for Classic and OS-X systems, for just $10.


We have selected hardware available for members to borrow or hire.  Occasionally the club has equipment donated, and makes this equipment available to members who need a short-term backup machine etc.

Special interest Groups (SIG’s)

One of the unique features of user groups all over Australia is the Special Interest Group.  This is a smaller group within the larger club with a specific focus such as programming, digital photography, movie making etc.  If you have a particular interest and would like to create a SIG, we’d love to hear from you.


Occasionally the group is able to use purchasing power to negotiate discounts on items such as flash-memory sticks, modems, hard drives, books etc., and pass those savings onto members.