February Update

hi all!
Here we are in 2019! Woohoo!. A few reminders…

  1. Canberra meetings are now in the daytime on the 3rd Wed of each month except Jan. Next meeting is 20th February.
  2. Port Mac first meeting is this weekend
  3. Moruya first meeting is 3rd March
  4. I’ll be at the Port meeting this weekend, we’ll be doing a hands-on afternoon so bring your machines along. Only 2 sessions so we’ll have the time we need to get everyone across the line.
    – 12:30 to 3:15 will be creating a photo book on the Mac AND the ipad (and how to get it printed if you want).
    – 3:30 to 5pm will be all about password management. We’ll get your passwords under control with LastPass and Keychain. That means we’ll get all your passwords into LastPass so you can start using it.
  5. One of our main benefits is our opt-in General Help email list. You can send any mac or i-device question (or even just general discussion) to this list and you will normally get a response from other members within the hour. Your question gets seen by everyone on the list and you will usually get answers from multiple people. Likewise you see everyone else’s questions, giving you a good way to learn from the experience of others. Your email address is distributed with your question, however note that it is not open to the public – only paid-up ACTApple members are on the list. Visit www.stagecraft.cx/mailman/listinfo/actapple for more details and to subscribe.


    Frank Pope