July Newsletter & Meetings

Hi all!
your July issue is now available from the members section here. Not just any old issue though…
Our 400th newsletter!!! Woohoo!!!
If you have a picture of some fireworks on your iPhone then bring it up and wave it around.

A few things to note:

  • Canberra daytime meetings continue, next one is Raiders Weston Club 12:30 25 July.
  • I’ll be at the Port Mac meeting 21 July. Looking forward to seeing you all again. I won’t be back until October, after our AGM, and so I’ll use this July trip to show you our pre-audit accounts and answer any questions you may have about our finances in advance of the audited versions being shown at the AGM in September.
  • Canberra needs a new coffee/tea person, see newsletter for details.
  • Our e-book library – we’ve been waiting for revised editions and they’ve come in. Trev administers an excellent collection. Details in newsletter, free to ACTApple members. Reminder again also of our discount codes for Take Control Books (page 19) and O’Reilly technical books (page 29)
  • One of our main benefits is our opt-in General Help email list. You can send any mac or i-device question (or even just general discussion) to this list and you will normally get a response from other members within the hour. Your question gets seen by everyone on the list and you will usually get answers from multiple people. Likewise you see everyone else’s questions, giving you a good way to learn from the experience of others. Your email address is distributed with your question, however note that it is not open to the public – only paid-up ACTApple members are on the list.


    Frank Pope

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