March Meeting & Webinar Dates

Just before the March Newsletter comes out, we have these Webinars coming up:

• Monday – 7th March – 7.30pm … Q&A and Tips Meeting (Zoom Online)

• Wednesday – 9th March – 7.30pm – Absolute Beginners Webinar (Zoom Online)

• Thursday – 10th March – 2.00pm – Numbers Webinar (Zoom Online)

• Friday – 25th March – 2.00pm – Pages Webinar (Zoom Online)


… and then the following week will be our General Monthly meeting, on Wednesday 16th for Canberra, and Saturday 19th for Port Macquarie. Members at the South Coast also get a meeting this month, on Sunday 20th.


** Please follow the directives for both the community and the respective venues in regard to Covid-19 protocols, and please also wear a mask to our in-person meetings! **